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      Hi all
      I have played poker online for quite a few years now, mainly on PKR but also on partypoker and sky poker. I have never used any poker software or bank roll management, hope to change both these now I am on this site.
      Most notable success was on PKR where I won a trip to Los Angeles to play in the LAPT, it was my first ever live tourney , I lasted into day two but was absolutely useless.
      Since then I have played at Big Slick in Purley four times in their Sunday night freeze out and won it three times ( £830, £650 and £600 ) so I now prefer live but I want to get to grips with Internet poker as there must be a way of making a profit for someone like me . I live in London with the wife and kids one is going to Leeds university next month ( the one who nicks my car ) so should be easier to get out and about now.
      Having looked at some hands I uploaded onto elephant I am still in the dark there, I don't understand the information so I need a real basic how to for that but BRM is a great thing as long as I can keep enjoying 1 dollar tables
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