Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker 3 on 1 komp

    • Harnas31
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      Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker 3

      I have already have PT 3 , but thinking about checking HM.
      If I install HM , will this program use already existing databases or I will have to create everything from beginning ?
      Maybe it will cause complete mass and its not woth my afford ?
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    • netsrak
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      HM and PT3 can use the same postgresql server but they need different databases.
      You can install HM without Postgresql (option in the installer) and connect to your existing Postgresql server. Just use the same connection infos as configured in PT3 (i think in database management). Enter them in the HM database management window, connect and create a new database.

      The only thing you should not do is to run both huds at the same time.