[NL2-NL10] NL10 - FR - Folding AKs preflop

    • DoigteurFou
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      reneD est au siège 0 avec 3,55$.
      DoigteurFou est au siège 1 avec 10,23$.
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      Le donneur est au siège 6.

      MeninBlacknr SB ,05$.
      reneD BB ,10$.

      (Kd Ad ont été distribuées à DoigteurFou.)

      DoigteurFou raises to .50$., 5 folds, MenonBlacknr raises to 1.10$, 1 fold, DoigteurFou ???

      I folded because i don't feel confident in being reraised by unknown. Moreover, my last 12 AK (!!!!!!) were lost by an all-in preflop against AA, KK (and 2 QQ, but that's coinflip). I may have called but if against AA or KK i can't play it: if an ace falls i'm way behind against AA. If a king falls i'm way behind against AA end KK. If both falls, i lost a buy-in :/
      I didn't want to play a hand which i couldn't play, so i folded to ask for advices. I know whenever someone asks that question in the forum i answer to move all-in, especially against unknown at NL10, but with my last experiences :/
      Confirm that? I should have pushed?
      oh, and my preflop raise was 4BB +1BB for the initiative, cause i'm totally oop.
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