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    • immadrop
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      im new to this site. I have built a very decent bankroll with the $50 starting capital. I was wondering how many pokerstrategy points i need to accumulate to lift the restriction and start playing at higher limits. And also what i need to do to withdrawl once i hit a high bankroll and want to cash out a little money. I would like to thank this site for the starting capital. Starting to learn the game really well with your videos and teachings.
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    • IngridN
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      Hi there immadrop,

      Really nice to read some positive feedback and happy for your winnings :)

      Your bankroll protection will be lifted after you rake $50 or make a deposit worth $100 or more. You'll need to contact Poker770 after the deposit and let them know.

      Currently, you have these limits:
      * No Limit $0.02/$0.04
      * Fixed Limit $0.10/$0.20
      * Sit and Go $1

      Also Withdrawal conditions for the free $50 or winnings:
      - $50 rake or fee
      - Minimum deposit of $20 to confirm the withdrawal method

      Your balance can be withdrawn after the above mentioned minimum deposit has been made.

      Anything else we can help you with? :)

    • Pastala
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      I have the same question, but the 50$ rake goal is not enough info for me. When i was playing on different ipoker site, they had a online support where i could ask how much rake i have generated at the moment. 770 poker does not have online support. Only email. I asked them the same question. They responded me this:

      In reply to your message, we inform you that unfortunately we cannot
      provide you with the requested information as we do not have access to it.

      So how could i know how many hours/points i have to play to reach that 50$ rake goal? What kind of support is that? Where could i get that info, cause NL4 grinding is not my thing and if i have to grind it for like 40000 hands than i don't need this. Where i could turn to get this info (roughly some 770 points i have to get for clearing this bonus)?
    • immadrop
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      how do i know when ihave accumulated 50 dollars in rake.
    • inezbg
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      hi all poker770 DOES have online support iv used it many times, they are busy so u can only use it once it goes white like the rest of the menus.

      u have to earn 1000 points this = $50 in rake. Its only took me 3 weeks to reach 1000 points.

      if u hit your targets VIP points they give u double points. ie reach iron level by there date u get double points and offered many more free rolls.

      hope this makes sense been a long day eyes aint what they where this morning lol.

      ps. playing a fair few SNGs made my points rocket.