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review online poker ..........

    • landooo
      Joined: 30.08.2011 Posts: 2
      I play poker online for almost 2 years, I find that there are many anomaly too much for her to be a coincidence, here are the result of bad beats
      In computer-chance does not exist on a deck of 52 cards was a very large number of probability which tends to infinity such that even the most powerful computer in the world can handle a small Some of these combinations! The computer used to run the app, it's a bit de128: dealing only: 0.000000000001% of the possible combinations of a set of 52 cards. This partly explains the recurring bad beats.

      -To prevent a player wins too often and give everyone the chance to win, the programmers have added a function of "equitable distribution". this chance is assessed through your hands earned rate, if you just won two hands on a bluff or flying blind in the third hand you have a good chance of losing your AA or AK, against someone paying with any hand 34 or 6J! The software does not know the probability or outs or anything, he only knows that he must give everyone a chance, regardless of hand that the person !!!!!!!!!!!! !! that explains a lot of things: you have already noticed that someone who does not play in a tournament and he moved all because of the blinds, almost always wins the hand and automatically loses the hand after! or someone who loses a lot of hands in a row, tilt, and pays with a trash hand he wins often!

      -The software must have a function "induction" and more equitable distribution, this function is called whenever a tournament and it takes too long to distribute in good hands with several players, creating action in order that the tournament ends soon. You've already seen the very high number of collusion between players ...

      Also to remove the doubts, the online poker rigged, they hire a company supposedly "independent" (they pay well!), So nothing'étonnant to what they say .. All poker sites are more or less a nice scam, the aim is to turn the more money possible! Many are wondering: what interest have the rooms to encourage a player more than another? It is as old as time: just a player who loses is a cash in, the player loses to x of the player there and then lose it in favor of the player z ........... . . They will all end up redoing a deposit and is of benefit to them, these rooms are desperate to make money (black Friday: you really think that people who are defrauding billions of Mafia association + $, n ' have no qualms about tampering with the cards.) .. I do not see poker sites let random to decide the future of their businesses. Online poker is rigged, after all it's human beings! With a good marabout you may have a chance jokerstars, fulltiltsucks, pp, looseamax (Winamax)
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    • kenthmp
      Joined: 19.04.2009 Posts: 485
      so that's why I'm busto. online poker is definitely rigged.
    • mallikarim
      Joined: 02.12.2010 Posts: 104
      I agree with this statement.I think what he just said didnt butcher the english language but revealed the truth about our little hobby.

      On a serious note : Get out of the basement the sun shine will do you good.You might run like 1000 suns.
    • Krishjanis
      Joined: 04.01.2010 Posts: 977
      I mean what the fuck are we supposed to do? Like drop everything and not play? I don't even know why I'm still reading these things. Like people who run live poker rooms write this shit.