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    • photolong
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      Hi all im fairly new 2 this site (a couple of days) thought id say hello ,
      and find out if anyone plays the game i love OMAHA pot limit,
      most people seem to play no limit holdem,i started out a year ago on no limit holdem but about 4 mts ago i discovered omaha and changed to playing it, it can be a frustrating game but thats poker
      i also play some lesser known games like soko,americana and telesina
      I also dont play much cash games I just dont seem very good at playing for cash but maby ill improve, Usually im playing omaha rebuy touraments
      which is where i make my money , im always looking at other sites to see can i find any good omaha tournaments
      One site i liked playing NLH on is full tilt they have a nice $3.30 , 90 player bounty game but i lost all my money on that site ( playing H,O,R,S,E ) another game I love , but i plan to invest some funds there again shortly and bankroll manage better.
      well thats all for now wish you all lots of luck on the tables
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    • SoyCD
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      Hi photolong,

      We should be translating our german omaha articles sometime in the near future which will hopefully increase the overall discussion about Omaha in this forum. I myself really like the format but havent found the time to actually play it a lot (even though its much more fun than HE).

      So welcome to the community and good luck at the tables ;)

      Best regards,