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      I've had some spare money so i decided to deposit 100$ to stars cause i'd like to play now that summer is almost over, and dont wanna wait for FTP to come back or Pokerstrategy to give me their first aid.

      I've played around 100 1.50$ SnGs in the last few days and i was amazed by the number of quads i've seen so far. I wouldn know the exact number cause i wasnt counting and i would take too much time to go through all the hands i've seen in Elephant, but the frequency of quads appearing on Stars is much much greater then on Fulltilt, and in almost all cases they were with a pocket pair. After a first couple of times it happened i thought i was just variance but it countinued.

      Could this just be variance cause by a small sample or did some of you playing on stars notice this too?
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