Borrow $ at PokerStars

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      Could you lend me $X at PokerStars?

      I am on a downsing streak with 6 Max SnG at Pokerstars. My bankroll from $60 now is $0.01 and 3.24FPP.
      $6 = 4x$1.5. I will play $1.5 Turbo 9Man. I am good at 9Man but i just took a shot at 6 Max. I didnt thought it would be like that.
      I will return you $10 in 24h if i run good. In case i lose $6, i will give u back $6 in next 24h.

      Because i havent received fund from my parent yet so i cant deposit. (I am a 2nd year student).

      Thank you very much.

      My account at pokerstars is [Removed by EagleStar88].

      A bit about me. I played freeroll and won some here and there but lost all. I decided made a $10 deposit at PokerStars on 10/8 and clear $10 bonus at 18/8. I turn them to about $60 with help of FPP then i lost all. I am GoldStar at PokerStars by 29/8.
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