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    • akablade
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      Hi everyone, for the last 2 days i was examining this site ALOT lol just waiting for my 50 bucks to hit the tables.. 1 thing i noticed at the forums on this site is sweet alot of cool people.. but the videos are only 4 mins long.. is it beacause im a basic member or just beacause its like that? it says its a 48 min long video but yet i see only 4 mins.. and another thing y cant i post on the other topics like sng tournys and stuff? kind of weird..

      Well whos excited about getting the 50 bucks??
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    • SoyCD
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      Hi akablade,

      The videos just like most the articles are restricted according to your status. That means as you go up in rank from Basic to bronze, silber, gold, platin diamond (and Black Member) you gain access to more content. As soon as you get your money you will be bronze and have full access to all bronze videos.

      In the meantime have fun exploring the site :)

      Best regards,