Guide me please

    • daftbet
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      So I have elephant up and running, all these hands and all these graphs and I still can't interprate what any of it means, am I able to find players aggression factor ? Where my leaks are? Etc etc. I need a noobs guide please. My HUD does not work either ther is just a little message in the middle of the table ( sit n go partypoker) thanks in advance denz
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    • mrk1988
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      Hey daftbet,

      first of all - let's fix the hud issue.

      Please check the autoimport configuration for the correct paths to your handhistory folders.
      Afterwards check the import page to see if your hands are properly imported during live-play. (cashgame / Sngs)

      Also, make sure you start PartyPoker and Elephant with administrator privileges.

      It seems like you haven't played with statistics before. In this case I highly recommend switching to the beginner hud (hud settings) and reading some of our strategy articles:

      There is no point in playing with statistics without basic knowledge regarding statistics and how to interpret them.