off to a flyer

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      started playing monday on party poker,got free $50 and won seat for 200k on sunday.[il post monday with result]
      on wednesday night came second in 3000 $10 rebuy for $540.i was 4/1 chipleader playing heads up,i then lost my internet connection for 15 minutes X(
      came back and tourny was over.
      tonight[thursday]i won 1500 $6 turbo for $420 and was tenth in 3000 $10 rebuy after more connection problems.i put in 30%of stack in on rer with qq against maniac on table and lost connection afer raise X( X( X( ?( got back and chips had gone in but i had folded.
      still happy tho $50 free dollars to over $1000 in four days :D .also hoping sunday will be good to me :s_cool:
      think im going to invest in new internet first :P
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