I have failled again last night to boost a ticket for a live event. :f_frown:

It has became unfortunately a routine this year, where at today (September) I didn't take a single shoot to any live event while last year I have became sick of go out for days over days during a 2010 that now appear almost magic.

Many live tournaments shipped thanks to the online circuit and also two great qualify for massive finals in live events, while this years is not go right at all.

Last night again (as I was start say above) I busted out even if this time no more than one table open (no multi-tabling at all) max concentration and close to my A-Game.

But, fortune is almost king in the single event and in the short time in general, so, doesn't matter how I play, just this is not the right year.

When I thought that things maybe were going different this time and my stack was well keeped around the average in few minutes straight rihgt after the first pause, the end for Hero.

First I shove over the raise of the short with AK, he surprisely (but not too much doing his committment to the pot) he call and showing his K5s. Of course, 5 on the board and my stack go down the average.

Few hands later, hero shove QQ and get a call from the original raiser with AA. This time villian was conver my stack and my venture in the tournament was ended like that.

Im going to leave the MTTs for now as it start have a negative impact on my playing for the cash game and also, the psychologic impact (negative obv) is very very prominent and to be honest, at monet I cannot afford.

This is also mean (very likely except for some miracle) that I will close the 2011 without any live event flag and with a balnce in the MTTs so horrible that make me even believe that I belong to the kingdom of the fishes.

Since I start play this lovely game in the far away 2009, I have never had such bad run in MTTs and Im starting also believe that maybe I have never been good to this game but it has been almost fortune in the past when I have score some results.

It is shame but I decide to share that with the community as it can be give to me the right imput to put the passion for MTTs behind and start concentrate for real only on the BSS with the hope to master the discipline at a more high and advantage level this time. :)