help selecting game

    • MrS212i
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      I need help to select the right game. Have a backer who is willing to stake me 100% of buyins. I dont know if i should go for the $2.50 180man, $3.50 180man Rebuy. $3.50 -45man sngs or $7 -45man sng's?

      Here are my graphs for stars, 1st full tracking and 2nd last 120day tracking of which i played 553 games in the last 1.5months.

      My success has come from $1 90man Turbo Sng's and the $3.50 Rebuy 180man. Can someone help me with some kind of format for this deal!
      Should I make it a 125 game, 250game, or 500 game deal or what? And which buyin would suit me best according to my results?
      Any questions and answers are welcome! :) Thanks guys and girls
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