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      Hello everyone,

      I'm Firefly52, a fishy that started poker quite some time ago, I basically lost the 50$ in record speed, did some other no deposit offers, lost everything on most sites due to playing really bad, later on i managed to get a small profit which i lost due to rake / tilt. I took a long break, then started to play a little bit again and finally managed to make some profit (probably just an upswing though). Got an email from Pokerstrategy about another 50$ no deposit at Partypoker and I am giving it another shot.

      I will be playing SnG's mainly, Maybe a bit of HU and maybe maybe maybe I will play cash-tables again. (I always lost on cash-tables, Partypoker being the only exception though it wasn't a real sample.)

      Another day till my 50$ get approved, I will be trying to get silver status by getting 1 point (+10 bonus) every day, after that I will watch the silver vids, read some articles until I get bored and then I will start playing poker again.

      If you managed to read this far and are also playing low stakes SnG's and are interested in talking over Skype about poker, feel free to contact me :) .
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      hi firefly52,

      welcome back! :) let's hope you will have a much better run this time around. at least you have a really solid plan there. execution is all that is left :D

      i wanted to learn Sngs as well but finding it a bit difficult to get the hard work in. let's get crackin!

      any questions, you know we're here for you ;)

    • Firefly52
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      I actually got a question, I already played some SnG's profitable on some other sites, but I wonder if the same strategy is going to work on partypoker aswell for the lowest SnG's (1+0.20 I believe) I will rebuild my whole strategy as soon as i'm silver, but I got to play a bit before I can read silver articles, so I wondered if there is a major flaw in this strategy:

      start (50-100bb or so)
      1. small blinds: call unraised pots preflop with pocketpairs, go AI with AA / KK, figure out who are the biggest idiots, maybe play AT-AK if opponents look weak.

      late start (20-50ish bb)
      2. Try to make some chips from the biggest idiots / keep on folding

      early endgame (10-20bb)
      3. Throw in some all ins with 88+, AT+, wider range if the person next to me is going to fold anyways.

      endgame (0-10bb)
      4. ICM, just going all in with lots of hands

      and thanks for the post of course :)
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      coool. questions! we love questions.

      of course im not qualified to answer, being an SnG beginner myself, but hopefully someone will come along as soon as it's daylight in canada ;)

      also, i will lead you to this forum which deals with all things sng so our coaches can see your question too :)
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      weeew, I got the 50$, 50.01$ to be exact. No clue where that once cent came from.

      0.80+0.20, 25% rake ?!?!?!

      I dont know if they expect anyone to make a profit with 25% rake, but I guess Ill have to looka round for HU / cashtables again :( .

      4 guys all in on a board with 3 blue cards, I guess I still got a chance to beat the rake ;)


      a fold bot would get constantly third.

      I got third thanks to some suckout, I got A9, he got Q7, he got a full house, I got nothing and busted :/. Great result for first game though :) .

      played 2 more simultanously, on first one i decided to not call with KTs EP everyone still on board with a 20-40ish BB stack. If I would have just called, I would have busted 2 players that went all in on a KKT flop. :/. Second one I ended first, got a bit lucky though :) .
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      Hi Firefly,

      I have been playing SNGs since I joined this website in 2009 so maybe I can help you with that.

      First ICM (and ICM trainer) is the way to win in SNGs. Just make sure you use it a lot. Try to do 300 hands a day.

      Here's the link to the ICM trainer :

      There's also the light version if you want to start with that.

      Your logic seems fine for the amount of BB but in the micros going broke with QQ and sometimes AK is very standard since people will call you wayyy too wide. Also, I would say your range depends more on position and players. For example, you will learn with ICM that you can shove any two cards (ATC) against villain when you are on the small blind versus the big blind with less than 10 BB. I would also suggest to take out AT from your early start range even AJ since this hand is usualy easily dominated (Again, depends on position and players)

      Few tips if you want to be succesful in SNGs :

      1)Follow bankroll management
      2)Learn ICM
      3)Have a hud. (Gives you the stats of each player, you can download a free trial @

      These are the 3 basic things that made me success and I believe will help you greatly.

      Of course, consistent learning from our articles and videos is also a good idea to build a solid basic.

      Take care!
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      Stevegold87, Thanks a lot for your response,

      I am going BRM all the way, I have busted the first bankroll I got here because of bad BRM / tilting, managed to make profit on another site (pokertime) with good BRM and most likely due to tons of luck. Tilting might still be an issue though :( . To avoid tilting I am currently trying to multitable, already played twice a two tables at once today and it works fine so far, both times 1 out of the money and 1 first :) .

      About ICM, I already learned a bit about it a couple of months ago, was able to score over 95% consistently, however I don't trust the ICM trainer much, I made a thread about one of the odd outcomes a couple of months ago, but it didn't get any answers. ( ICM Trainer wrong? ) Besides that every time I stick to ICM I keep facepalming because those other players do not fold, but they call with worse hands which actually lowers my chances :( .

      HUD is definitely important, totally forgot about their existence :o. I will look into them as soon as I reach silver status, I will be working with all those numbers anyways, and it would be kind of a waste to start a trial to play just a few games after which i'm planning to take a break to study loads of theory. Just need the silver status :) .

      I also had a question about this sentence:

      "but in the micros going broke with QQ and sometimes AK is very standard since people will call you wayyy too wide."

      Does it mean I should go all in with AK and QQ as well or not? I used to but I quit after some bad experience with them.
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      Hello and welcome :D

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      best of luck at the tables and welcome