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    • Waiboy
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 4,877
      Hi s3xas

      I have played at as my main site for the since FTP fell over, and before that on and off for over a year and enjoy playing there. I'm frankly anything but a solid player but have managed to make money at micro/low limits for the variant I play (FLHE). From the little I've played of other variants I have no reason to believe that it should be any different playing any other of their games. If you have had a bad run there I think you need to consider that it is probably for reasons other than the site itself.

      Take some time to work on your game by reading articles and watching videos, post hands in the evaluation forums and you should be able to become a profitable player.

      Having said this, sometimes negative variance combined with leaks in your game can lead you to have a negative view of a particular site. If you're unable to separate these emotions from the site you are probably best taking a break from for a bit and choosing from one of our other partner sites. In the medium to long term though, you should be able to be a winning player at low stakes+ at if you work hard enough on your game.
    • kozzmic
      Joined: 29.07.2011 Posts: 266
      I win there, so it must be u.
    • s3xas
      Joined: 19.09.2009 Posts: 51
      i come back at pokerstars and its better then 888poker.
      i played 1 and half years at 888poker. the start was very good i cashed some money, but the last month was tragedy, my bankroll down 3 times, so i decided to cash my money. and i ussualy lost in mtts then lefts 2-10 peoples from paid places and ussualy with monster hand(AA,KK,QQ, AK). so its strange to me and i leave it.