2 videos not working.

    • fakethat
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      Ok so I'm not bothered to try anymore.

      I tried to watch the "gameplanning" series from ge5sterne (silver). It's 3 videos.
      But the first 2 videos don't work for me.

      The video begins and shows the pokerstrategy logo scatter into many different pieces (a transition effect) after wich I believe the video should appear.

      But it doesn't. The first video from the series shows nothing afterward. And with the second video of the series it eventually said in red text "error" (error code: NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound).

      Ok so just as I'm typing I'm like ok it might be important if it's just for this series or if every video is like this. I've tried a random video (pink performance part 2, also silver), and it doesn't work either.
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