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Descent FLHE traffic?

    • nidorino
      Joined: 16.09.2010 Posts: 14

      Sorry to see its hard to find any descent fl traffic except stars.
      Even more diffecult if u want to play tracked.

      Any one have any suggestion? Want to play stakes .5/1-1/2 up to
      4 tables, preferly tracked w rakeback or good bonus.

      Following sites i ve already played through their bonus:


      PS. Iam a so called recrational player playing 5k-10k tops a month so
      playing at stars or party with poor rakeback is out of question .ds

      Thx cheers
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    • Dawnfall26
      Joined: 30.07.2008 Posts: 3,116
      You dont take into account that pokerstars has about 30% lower rake than other platforms which have some FL trafic(like ipoker , ongame or party) so if even if you play little I would still go for pokerstars especially due to possible table selection which is not that possible elsewhere.
    • nidorino
      Joined: 16.09.2010 Posts: 14
      Yes, thats very true.
      For me as a smallstake and smallvolume player stars is prob the best site for me. But if I could find some pokerroom w rakeback and bonus wiyhout deducting..

      Dont PS have any offers for mergeskin?
    • mudzynk1
      Joined: 20.12.2010 Posts: 200
      I don't know how now, but few weeks ago had one room from Merge in offer
    • Boomer2k10
      Joined: 22.09.2010 Posts: 2,551
      Unless I had a very good reason not to (i.e. I was American) I'd pretty much be relying on Stars if I wanted to get volume in.

      Party and Ipoker are probably your 2nd bets although ipoker's traffic's nothing to right home about they did just decrease their rake.

      Sadly LHE volume just ain't what it used to be these days so you have to go where the games are and fortunately they're on the site with the lowest rake :)