Swings in SH?

    • mongomob
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      I have just finished my first 20k hands @SH
      and i tought before that mentally i was the coolest thing =) not true at all i figured after trying on SH,

      i think obviusly it's more swingy, but just how much is surprising me, or am i having tilt problems, is it normal too be 12BI up then the next day 6BI down in two 50 minute sessions?

      is this kind of swings standars, should i just work on my mental game and thus prepare, or should just work on my game to not suck so bad at times =)

      weekends are the worst =( =( =(
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    • clawindsouza
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      haha yeh weekends are defiinitely the craziest...

      by looking at the number of BIs up and down in such a short span of time tells me that you play very aggro..

      But 12 BIs in 50 mins is mostly being on tilt.

      SH is swingy but not that much...
    • esuohdla
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      Swings like that can happen even if you play a perfect game, but it does seem so unlikely that it can happen without some other factor (tilt or something) involved.