Hi ... I am just looking for some insight on tips or my best option on increasing or keeping my stack while playing against a very aggressive player in the bb who 3bets all-in any of my opens... I do adjust and not raise every sb when playing against a smart and aggro player but i do not like losing blind vs blind lol. This all came up yesterday when i was playing a 30r on merge gaming (PDC Poker) This player was to the left of me for the final 2 tables and I found it very hard to adjust and was playing a 18-22 bb stack for the longest time. I am wondering if i should just really open my shoving ranges because that seemed to work when i did work up the courage to do it with k9,q10 etc. Other than that any time i would raise he would 3bet it in and the one time i did try to limp he also shoved. I know playing against solid players this is a very tough spot but just looking for any advice. I am also wondering about my fold to 3bet %. Playing against very aggro players and who like to 3bet in position can be very tough i know this so I do not like to light chips up by calling their 3bets oop but will when in position. My fold to 3bet was 81%..4bet% was 10% and cold call 9%... Does this seem pretty standard if not any help would be great. Thanks for anycomments and btw my screen name is BIGHICK ;) enjoy the grind