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Being Inventive

    • RiverMeTimbers0
      Joined: 10.12.2008 Posts: 16
      Generally i am a tourney player usually large fields for small money,say between $5-$30.

      The articles are great at teaching the game on this site but as expected you learn your spots on gut and instinct sometimes and FINALLY i am learning how to catch the bluffers,stealers,aggressors and blind thiefs!

      so i just wanted to thank this site for getting me moving and helping the cash begin to roll in!

      I just wanted some input to this: do you 3 bet late on in tourneys? it can be risky but more and more i am finding it is insanely good at putting people off when the raise in bad positions or raise light.

      Obviously it cant be done consistently but in the right spot it has catapulted my chipstack from meager to major,generally people dont like being reraised,so to all people i hope this helps a little as it has jumped me from last 100 to top 10 in cashes.simple thing but very effective.

      Its very important to say that not doing this too frequently is how it works,if you 3 bet alot people will take your chips by reraising and shoving!

      Anyhow thats my 2 cents,comments anyone?
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    • thazar
      Joined: 14.09.2009 Posts: 6,561
      Hi RiverMeTimbers0

      First of all I am a fish at tournies :) . First for your question, late in the tourney when the effective stack size are small you have to take chances. You have to see how many big blinds you have left or table revolutions (M) and accordingly take chances in raising or shoving.

      Also I recommend that you have a look at our video section. There are a lot of good content for MTTs

      best regards