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Hu question...

    • satrapis1
      Joined: 08.07.2011 Posts: 20
      hello guy's i have some questions about HU poker...

      1)What is the most difficult part in HU ???

      2)have similarities in Cash HU and SNG HU ???

      3) Is good way to start playing SNG HU and later go to cash HU or is better to play Shorthanded cash game and later go to HU.

      4)how many BI want for play HU?? Like shorthanded ??? 20-25 ?
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    • pyure
      Joined: 25.09.2008 Posts: 258
      1. Finding people to play against who don't sit out after 5 hands or leave as soon as they double up :) Other than that probally having to adjust to playing alot more hands and facing more marginal decisions post flop.

      2. HU cash and SNGs are pretty different, skills in either will help with the other, but they're still different.

      3. Why not play a mix of the two ? and throw in the occasional game of something else, I'm going through a badugi phase at the moment - it's great!

      4. Depending on your skill level, tilt control, ability to reload etc - anywhere from 20 to 50 BI. Around 30 would be reasonable I think.

      hope that helps