• deetee7101
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      Hi Guys / Gals,

      I’ve been a member of Pokerstrategy for some time now but until now have never really been active on the forum. I live in the UK and am slowly approaching 40, so probably a bit on the old side for taking up poker these days!

      I’ve always enjoyed online gaming, starting back in the days of Quake II. I played WOW for over 4 years before deciding to retire and try and use the time I was wasting to earn some extra cash playing poker. I am really enjoying my time at the tables and want to learn as much as I can. I find it hard sometimes to put serious time into study due to real life commitments (wife, kids, job etc!!), so decided to give this a go to see if it would add some structure to my study and provide me with some feedback that should keep me interested.

      I prefer playing cash tables to tournaments and can normally be found playing 0.02/0.05 on Stars. I’m quite proud of my graph at the moment, but still believe there is massive room for improvement to my game, which gets me a bit excited if I’m honest! I started with around $10 dollars as I never received my starting capital from Pokerstrategy and have managed to get that up to $240. A small amount of money but everyone starts off small I guess!!


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    • veriz
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      Hello deetee7101,

      Why do you think it's too old? We have plenty of those aged players. And 40 ain't old at all. :) Poker is a good hobby for a lot different aged players.

      Hehe, I used to play Quake II as well. :) One of the greatest games ever made with all the possibilities had. No game ever is made like it. No game ever even had such a jumping system and different methods to move faster and stuff. Guess you know what I am talking about.

      Welcome and Best of Luck in the course!