No HEM. What strategy?

    • pokerprons
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      I won't have HEM available till Friday (reason is too long to explain) and I'm gonna play a bit without it. Anyway, I'd like to hear some opinions on what approach I should take. It might even be good to sharpen up some other skills. The game is NL10 SH
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    • FlorinCatana
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      I wouldn't really approach SH, instead I think FR, playing as basic as possible, 4 tables maximum will surely bring you some satisfaction. Short Strategy I guess will suit you even better as your own cards are more important as an in-depth opponent reading!
    • gadget51
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      The perfect opportunity to learn how to put people on ranges and to hand read!
      Watch the players very carefully and take a LOT of notes!
      How do they bet, why how much, what boards, how do they play specific hand values/types, do they bet flush draws agressively or are they check/call types?
      Will they go to showdown facing agression with top pair? If so, what 's the kicker?

      Etc., etc., etc., etc! :)

      Open Notepad or something similar and fill it up! Do this even when you're not playing. I do it before I even join a table these days, I just open a table and watch for 30 minutes or so.

      Have fun. :)
    • pokerprons
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      thx guys for replies!

      I'm deffo gonna observe opponents more closely. And while I won't have stats like c-bet% or fold to 3bet i can take a lot of notes. This is just for fun, so i won't play FR or any other game type cuz im used to NLSH.
      I've played one session already and i was up 2.5 BIs :f_biggrin: I've also made a couple of mistakes (non related to stats or HEM) but i played well and I realised that with no stats you tend to develop more history with the players at the table. By that I mean you remember who is 3betting u a lot IP or who wont fold to your c-bets so that's the upside and you can adjust to those specific people whereas you might let it go if you only look at stats. We'll see how I do till friday :)

      I'm still open to any suggestions ;)
    • Steelbrewer
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      Less tables more notes/color marks. What is more important observe the hands you do not participate in and take notes of them, it's better to learn on someone others mistakes/expirience. Also you can keep track at least on your own "stats" (counting/writing down times you ATS, folded BB and SB to steal, 3bet, cbet).
    • sirilidion
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      with 6-max you probably can't just play a tight range so basicly I would play less tables play less poker and analyse and study the game more in the meanwhile.
    • conall88
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      HUD really isn't necessary to play properly unless you are playing more than 4 tables and find it hard to keep track of the info you require. stick to 4 tables or less and you should be fine playing SH.
    • pokerprons
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      The non-HEM period is over. I was up insignificantly, but played a little nlHU50 because that's something I dont need HEM for at all (1 tabling ofc) and got a couple of stacks there. Now that I got my HEM back I need to analyse a lot and work on my game which is very hard without stats and replay hands. I agree that one can play without HUD up to 4 tables but I tried playing 10 and it was hard :f_p:
      Anyhow, thanks for all the responses and see you all at the tables.

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      Hi guys,

      I just want to inform you that we have moved your thread into the Poker Software board, because that is where it belongs :)