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    • bbosstjan
      Joined: 13.04.2009 Posts: 277
      Hey guys.

      Anyone on and had similar problems?

      On in order to verify your account you have to send them your government issued ID and a copy of your last bank statement. All good and right, but here's the twist.

      They are offering every new player 4 validation 1k€ freerolls only if you verify your account in 48 hours of creating the account. So since I thought this is a good thing I've sent them the documents within the hour I've created the account. So I was rather happy that I'll be able to play the first freeroll the next day. Guess what? It never happened.

      The following day I got a message that I have to send them the documents to be eligible for the freeroll, so naturally I was wondering what the Hell???? I sent another mail to support and got the answer that they were unable to accept the photos since I've covered the last three numbers of the card ( I did that as a security to prevent any abuse of my ID card).

      So OK. I decided to send them original photos anyway. and I wait...and wait...and wait... And I get an answer. Sorry we cannot accept your photos since they have been cropped!!! WTF!!!! Of course they have been cropped. Do you really want to see half of may desk with the ID card?????

      aaaaaaaaa....OK...Let's try again. I make another photos and send them in original size and shape with the half of my desk visible...and here we go again...wait...wait....wait....and still waiting...

      Oh thing. The last mail they've sent me included: please send your photos to be verified and to take place in 2 remaining freerolls!!!! Did you notice that? We started with 4 freerolls, and because they are apparently unable to verify my photos they reduced the number to only 2!!!

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    • ExternalUseOnly
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Hey bbosstjan.

      Sorry to hear you have had a bad time with the verification process, although im sure it will say in their terms somewhere that the photos must not be cropped or anything edited in anyway this is to protect both of you from any security problems.

      It sucks that you have missed out on 2 of the freerolls but at least you still have 2 you can play in right, its better than 0 yeah? Chin up mate and ship one of those freerolls :)

      Good luck
    • bbosstjan
      Joined: 13.04.2009 Posts: 277
      I've been promissed 4 tickets after they finish with verifying the account so I'm happy.

      The reason why I want to play this freerolls is that I don't want to waste my first deposit bonus, since I'm still playing on for this month, cause I have a platinum status which will dissapear next month and I want to gather as much fpp's as I can as long as I have 2,5 multiplicator. :D

      On the other hand my ISN'T tracked to Pokerstrategy and my IS.