Topics for coachings should be made known beforehand

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      I've been monitoring and watching videos and coachings from the English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish communities (and on occasion the French too). And one thing has been annoying me: I don't think the time spent on the live coachings is productive enough.

      Now, to keep it simple: I know different people have different needs and learn in different ways. And that is exactly my point: it should be made easier for everyone to choose to attend or not to a certain coaching session.

      In myy example today, I just checked coaching schedule for the games which would interest me the most:

      NL Silver

      SnG 18 jugadores $7-$15

      NL100 BSS FR

      That said, I will not attend 3 coachings. I can choose based on which coach I like the most, but I don't think that is enough information.

      Will Maxi be making a session review? Jimmy a live play? Joker hand reviews? Or will any of those be theoretical? In that case, what is the topic? Or maybe private public coaching? Database analysis?

      I think it is a major flaw not to schedule the coachings in advance. One should be able to, when hitting a link such as this, check what type of coaching will be given and what will the topic be on. It would then be MUCH more easy for me to plan the week acordinly and check which coachings I'd like to attend to in a certain week.

      Finally, I know that some coaches do post that information on the forums. But, when it is posted (not many do), the info it's scattered around the many subforums within the many forums of the various different communities. The "info" link should be there for a reason - and this reason should be to give more info than just "NL200" for every session.

      And of course this will work best, and maybe only work, if all communities do it, i.e., ask their coaches to update the coaching forecast properly.

      Thank you. Poker Strategy is great, let's make it better every day.
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