Hello from Russian PS community!

First of all - I'm not the one who started this or wrote original text. I was just helping to translate it to english and was asked to crosspost it here.

In short, people are unhappy about PartyPoker switched to weight contributed rake without proper notification in timely manner.
They are going to protest against this on 15 Sep by opening cash game tables and sitting out on all of them.
Following letter was translated from russian and will be directed to PartyPoker.
If you wish to join this action, feel free to do so! You could also help to fix language errors (or make it more fluent) in following text as we aren't pro translators.

To PartyPoker management

From poker player from all around the world
From the community of PokerStrategy
From the regular players on PartyPoker with the highest statuses (Palladium Elite, Palladium or Gold)

Good day!

We want to inform you about some aspects and clarify the situation associated with introduction of the new rake distribution system on PartyPoker.

First of all, we would like to pay your attention to the fact that we have got to know about this innovation only after these changes went into effect. In other words, you haven't considered it necessary to inform high status players about switching to a new rake distribution system. Such system was introduced at the moment when many players were during the process of earning PartyPoints for statuses and/or bonuses, planning and forecasting in advance when and how they will be able to do it. By introducing this new system in the middle of a quarter you have crushed all their plans for the game because with the new system players began to gain far less points for the same period of time rather than with the old system. We are sure that information about such global changes must be published beforehand.

Based on the foregoing, let us ask a few rhetorical questions:
1. Why PartyPoker hasn't informed players about the new point accrual system in advance?
2. Why the new system was introduced in the middle of the quarter? During the period when for an one and a half month we were playing in accordance with the conditions of the one status system and you change it to the another.

Today many regular players have already gone to play to other poker rooms. Also, many players are about to leave as soon as possible due to introduction of the new point accrual system. They have been unable to leave immediately only because they are linked to various bonuses and status at the moment.

The worst conditions for the playing at PartyPoker at this moment were created. You don't leave us an opportunity to continue playing in your room. We will be forced to switch to "another" poker room.

Due to the foregoing, on behalf of the regular players for continuing our further cooperation, we ask you to cancel new point accrual system.

Also, you can compensate this innovation by the following ways:
1. By increasing the amount of PartyPoints per $1 rake.
2. By reducing the amount of PartyPoints per quarter necessary to gain statuses "Palladium elite" and "Palladium".
3. By increasing the rakeback percentage in the stores of PartyPoker.

Maybe you will have some other ideas to restore favorable conditions in your poker room.

At this moment you have lost trust. We don't know what you are going to change tomorrow and what might happen with our funds on the accounts. You have proved as an unreliable partner, which can change the conditions of the playing at any time. In this case, and due to an immediate leaving of considerable number of players, we have reasons to reconsider popularity of your poker room among the players and in general about of your future existence.

You position yourself as "leading entertainment company in digital format, that meets the requirements of the market and offers its customers a secure, interesting and exciting games for real money". With such attitude as now your image in the interactive gaming market will be significantly reduced.

To make you somehow pay attention to this case and make it clear that this is important for many players of middle and high limits at 15th of September, we will stop to play at every possible limit, but we will be surely with you, namely, we will sit in "Sit-OUT" on every possible table.

Also, we inform you that this letter will be sent into dispute settlement service eCOGRA and the Gambling Commission in Gibraltar.

Quote from your own site: "We understand that you value your time, want to have fun, and free from hassles or problems."

We are waiting for your response which would help us to make conclusions about PartyPoker future.

We look forward to understanding and continuation of long-term cooperation.

Yours sincerely
From poker player from all around the world
From the community of PokerStrategy
From the regular players on PartyPoker with the highest statuses (Palladium Elite, Palladium or Gold)