Critique my stats please (6max MSS)

    • whateverdude
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      ~6k hands @ 10NL 6-max

      VPIP 14.3
      PFR 13.1
      3bet 8.0
      Steal 27.0

      6k hands sample, kinda small-ish, I know, but the other 30k hands I've played so far were before I improved my preflop game (used to be running 12/10).

      Rocking a neutral red line with those stats (/flex), but uhm yeah, small sample size and a lot of terrible nitty regs make achieving neutral/positive red line @ 10NL pretty unimpressive

      I am not the overvaluing(sp?) stats kind, I just wanna know what areas of my preflop game are too nitty, and work on loosening up there at the stakes I am comfortable at before I move up.
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