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Moving from STT/MTT to cash?

    • Castle93
      Joined: 06.06.2011 Posts: 1,458
      So im a Sng and MTT player and was wondering how easy it would be to move to playing cash and how difference it is. ive played abit of cash mostly 6 max NL5 but not much.

      Regards, alex
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    • Jaissica
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,385
      Cash is very different to tournament play. Some of the best known tournament players are considered huge fish in cash games by their cash-gaming peers.

      I guess every hand is something like the first hand of a tournament, except there is no incentive to protect your chips beyond not losing them - your cash game life is never at stake, unless you are playing way above your bankroll.

      Make sure you study all the available cash game literature available to you before you make the transition. Even if you plan to play BSS, read the MSS articles anyway and vice versa.

      And if you play BSS, always, always, always top your stack back off to full if you lose a portion of it. This is not tournament play and we are never getting into the orange or red zones. Push or fold does not exist as a play mode. I have seen some really really strange moves on micro cash - push all in with Ace-rag or low pp, or calling all in with the same - only to search the player and find them playing two SnG's and a MTT as well :)
    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      its funny how im trying to move to stt/mtts from cash while you're trying to do the opposite! :D

      that is a really awesome post by Jaissica :f_love: thanks for that! :)

      just to add, in cash games bet sizing is more sensitive, every bb you win counts! so you must learn to maximize value and minimize losses. it isnt as often that people are shoving stacks in.

      you will need to learn to play more streets as the hand continues to turn and river decisions with significant stacks left. hmm in this regard, maybe it would be easier to transition to mss first as it is probably more similar to tourns and you will also have less streets to worry about.

      so what can u tell me about how to learn sngs? :D
    • mrkhaan
      Joined: 23.02.2011 Posts: 263
      +1 on cash game being very different of mtt.

      Cash game is definitely another game, the dynamic of the game is so different it can be destabilizing. I think the most important thing is to feel comfortable with your game. If you are too used to/comfortable with mtt dynamics you will need some pretty serious adjustments to make a profit in CG.
      First of all : patience. Because there is no urge to play related to blind structure, the biggest risk, I think, is to play too much or push too hard.
      Then, you will have to change a bit the way you "see" your hands. TPTK and too pairs are somewhat weaker in CG.
      Another thing is the tilt control. Tilting in CG can become very expensive real quick. In a mtt/sng you will just be pushed out of the tournament then you can calm down doing something else. In a CG, loosing a big pot to a fish can make you do costly mistakes like trying to get your money back with the first Ax or medium pair and suddenly your are several BI shorter.

      When I started playing, I played only mtt with moderated success. It took me an entire year to realize that I wasn't really able to adapt to the increasing blinds and then I started to play CG where I felt much more comfortable. I play almost exclusively CG ever since. If you have the same kind of motivation to switch to CG then you should give it a try, maybe a week or too, at a level that is ok for your bankroll, playing a few tables at a time. I think you will see pretty quick if it is more "natural" to you than mtt.

      Last thing, a HUD is a very important tool when you play CG as for keeping track of other players as for you to be able to be realistic about your own game.

      EDIT: I forgot to say that table selection is very important and, but this is only my opinion, you should always play with a deep stack to try to maximize your winnings when you have good hands.
    • Castle93
      Joined: 06.06.2011 Posts: 1,458
      thanks for all the help guys its really appreciated. Ill definately read the articles and study. However i think ill try abit of NL2 FR where i know i can be patient and basically be a mutitabling NIT, i think from listening to people posting hands that it will be profit while gaining experience. Im really looking to improve my game as ive had a decent amount of success in STT/MTT but im starting to think im just a winning fish that can play a decent game on ABC poker :/

      Originally posted by purplefizz

      so what can u tell me about how to learn sngs? :D
      Sngs, well, i found reading the articles was fine, it gives you the basics of how to play which you will need. However, the biggest asset i found while learning SnGs was the coaching videos watching the coachs play which gives you a real insight into how to put *some* of what the articles say into practice.

      Also the point you all made about CG and STT being different is soo true. In some spots i find myself profitably shoving any 2 as chip leader on the bubble purely because i knew i could get them to fold 95% of their hands.

      If yu can get a feel for it you ll do well, ive found from experience TIGHT IS RIGHT is very true for SnGs, if yu can get to the push or fold stage thats your edge so dont get to attacted to top pair early on play it like you would a CG (maybe abit tighter)

      However at the micro limits people tend to get all in with JJ+, AQ+ so although 4 bet shovin AK/QQ might not be +ev in most SnGs at the mirco limits it can actually be profitable