Have pretty bad run for last 3 weeks for about 20 BIs (41k hands), but its not about that.

Last 2 days was so great :D Just needed to write something here :D

and 2 hands I rly had a nice laugh:

Grabbed by Holdem Manager
NL Holdem $0.20(BB) Replayer
SB ($13.70)
BB ($27.27)
UTG ($21.08)
Hero ($50.59)
BTN ($14.31)

Dealt to Hero K:diamond: 6:diamond:

UTG calls $0.20, Hero raises to $0.80, fold, SB calls $0.70, BB calls $0.60, UTG calls $0.60

FLOP ($3.20) 2:diamond: A:diamond: T:diamond:

SB checks, BB bets $1.50, UTG folds, Hero calls $1.50, SB folds

TURN ($6.20) 2:diamond: A:diamond: T:diamond: 9:club:

BB bets $2.90, Hero raises to $8, BB raises to $24.77, Hero calls $16.77

RIVER ($55.74) 2:diamond: A:diamond: T:diamond: 9:club: A:club:

BB shows A:spade: T:heart:
(Pre 61%, Flop 17.5%, Turn 9.1%)

Hero shows K:diamond: 6:diamond:
(Pre 39%, Flop 82.5%, Turn 90.9%)

BB wins $52.96

Grabbed by Holdem Manager
NL Holdem $0.20(BB) Replayer
SB ($5.73)
BB ($49.07)
Hero ($34.30)
CO ($32.33)
BTN ($19.50)

Dealt to Hero J:spade: J:club:

Hero raises to $0.60, CO calls $0.60, fold, SB calls $0.50, BB calls $0.40

FLOP ($2.40) 3:spade: K:diamond: 6:heart:

SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets $1.80, CO calls $1.80, SB folds, BB folds

TURN ($6) 3:spade: K:diamond: 6:heart: J:heart:

Hero bets $4.20, CO raises to $11.20, Hero raises to $31.90 (AI), CO calls $18.73 (AI)

RIVER ($65.86) 3:spade: K:diamond: 6:heart: J:heart: 6:spade:

Hero shows J:spade: J:club:
(Pre 81%, Flop 8.9%, Turn 97.7%)

CO shows 6:club: 6:diamond:
(Pre 19%, Flop 91.1%, Turn 2.3%)

CO wins $62.86

Just needed to share this with you guys :D

P.S. No Im not trying being sarcastic, because downswings is part of the game and in downswings player is more motivated to learn more about the game. And well.. Im enjoying it right now :D Obv I wanna win too, but it will come in time, I hope :)