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Antes = 'Fold' instead of 'Check/Fold' option

    • LimburgCwboy
      Joined: 29.09.2010 Posts: 84
      Let's see if I can explain this.

      I play mainly tourneys (3-5-10$)

      Normally, when you're in the BB and nobody has raised, you get the following two options 'Check/Fold' and 'Check'

      However, from the moment the Antes kick in, I have, in the same situation, only a 'Fold' and 'Check' option, the 'Check/Fold' option will not be shown.

      I have sent 770 support several e-mails, with ScreenShots, but somehow they can/will not understand this

      So I'm asking your help, because if more players have this problem, they have to look into it more seriously.

      If you have the same problem, please add it in this Thread.
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi LimburgCwboy,

      Forgive me if I've miss read your situation, but it's difficult to see a problem.

      You still have the standard check, fold or indeed raise options. Even without a specific "Check/Fold" button surely you can pre-select the "check" and it will stand unless a raise occurs before it gets around to you, in which case it will prompt you to reselect?

      Maybe you can provide a little more detail on the exact situation.

      I used to use preselect a lot myself in tournaments especially when multitabling, however if you get the timing wrong you can end up missing good stealing opportunities or worse raise/call someone shipping immediately prior to you, so just take care. I now tend to wait and analyse every situation individually before actioning.
      More time consuming and frantic but rewarding in the long term if you can master it right.

      Best regards,

    • LimburgCwboy
      Joined: 29.09.2010 Posts: 84
      Hi Bart,

      I'll try to explain.

      Normally one should have 1 'Check/Fold' button/option + 1 'Check'

      When I see my starting hand is crap I always preselect 'Check/Fold'. In this case I can play if no-one raises and automatically fold if someone bets/raises.

      However, from the moment the Antes kick in, the 'Check/Fold' option is replaced by 'Fold'.
      If you perform the same action (as has happened to me several times), so, click the place where normally the 'Check/Fold' option is, and no-one raises you automatically Fold yourself. So, if there only was one player that called the BB, he gets the chips in the pot, end of story.

      Of course now I know this happens, I'm am like a 'shark' watching the moment the Antes kick in, so I don't make this mistake anymore.

      However, as I feel this a big flaw (mistake) in their software, I'm trying to point this out to them, so they fix it, i.e 'Check/Fold' stays where it is, with or without Antes, as it should be. This way no-one can make this mistake.