• w4terman
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      Hello i am playing most on partypoker (my 50$ capital) can i have rakeback too ? or its not possible?

      In general is it possible to be linked here to pokerstrategy and have rakeback to any of the poker rooms?

      thank you!
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    • jasonforan
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      Theres no rakeback on party poker only a vip system instead.And yes you can be linked to pokerstrategy and have rakeback but only on sites that offer rakeback.
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hey guys,

      Thanks jasonforan for answering this :)

      @w4terman - You can have your poker accounts tracked to PokerStrategy.com if you use our sign up codes the first time you download and set up an account on a poker room. If you already have an account on a poker room then im afraid most will tell you that you cant be re-tracked.

      If you click here Then you will be taken to a list of all our partner poker rooms anda review including if they offer rakeback.

      Hope this helps

    • IngridN
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      Hello guys,

      Recently we also released some additional information/review about partner rooms.

      You can check out more about Party's VIP system here:
      PartyPoker VIP Club

      Since you received our free $50 starting capital, have you participated in the
      2 x Daily $100 Freeroll (PartyPoker) yet w4terman?

      Let me know if we can help you calculate some numbers.