downswing at PS

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      Im a new player started this June took starting capital at PP went down to 20$ in couple weeks but then won 170$ from 1 tourney ,cashed out and went to PS with 30$(took those 140$ for life pleasuring :D ) in 3 weeks at PS i made from those 30$ up to 110-130 $ by playing all type of Tourns,SnGs,RIng(NL FL) games from 0.10-4,40 % buy ins ,now in 10 days i got down to 36$ im really pissed off trying to get backup ,trying lowest SNGs almost all the time i get to money bubble at 9,90,180 sngs but it always get me down(i always play at 4 tables at a time) most of the time i loose with QQ,KK,AA,AK,AQ yesterday lost at 8x in a row 1,5$ (9ppl) sng i raise with those cards preflop ,get reraised put allin and loose against ,J3s,89s,low pairs.. almost all the time :O i dont understand can i be so unlucky for so long ?when i loose i loose at multiple tables mostly ;/ maybe the psychology of my playing is bad can some1 give me some articles x: about it gonna go to everest to make bigger status for better articles bronze sux
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