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      So, I am Martynas Pilka. I'm almost 21 years old and living in Holland for a while (but i am from Lithuania). I am playing poker for about 7 years now and still cant reach a balance between me and a NL holdem. i win some tournaments from time to time and making some money in a cash game. but i have a problem: several times i was in a bankrupt stage. So all in all i want to find a balance between my mind and a dealt cards. also bankrol menagment and all other stuff.

      thanks for an aportunity to make that real.
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      Hello Martynas,

      Welcome to the NL Beginners Course :)

      I wish you every success throughout the course and you are in safe hands here with Veriz our wonderful coach and mentor.

      I have no doubt with hard work and application of the methods that you will find your way and become a stronger and better player :)

      All the best,