[NL2-NL10] NL4SH 9Qs in CO

    • BigAl123456
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      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.04(BB) Replayer
      SB ($4.57)
      BB ($1.28)
      UTG ($1.52)
      Hero ($4)
      BTN ($7.54)

      Dealt to Hero 9:spade: Q:spade:

      fold, Hero raises to $0.16, fold, SB calls $0.14, fold

      FLOP ($0.36) 8:spade: 7:heart: T:club:

      SB checks, Hero checks

      TURN ($0.36) 8:spade: 7:heart: T:club: A:diamond:

      SB bets $0.32, Hero raises to $0.80, SB calls $0.48

      RIVER ($1.96) 8:spade: 7:heart: T:club: A:diamond: T:heart:

      SB checks, Hero bets $1.20, SB calls $1.20

      SB shows Q:diamond: A:club:
      (Pre 69%, Flop 57.5%, Turn 81.8%)

      Hero shows 9:spade: Q:spade:
      (Pre 31%, Flop 42.5%, Turn 18.2%)

      SB wins $4.15

      This may of been my biggest spew for the session, of course by checking the Flop and 3Beting the Turn I wanted to look like I had AK. River was proberly Spew I proberly should just give up here on NL4SH even tho it is good for meta game.
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    • GrantJennings
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      I wouldn't call it horribly spewy. There are plenty of hands he can check-fold on the end (89, 79, 99, 9Q... ;) ), and I think the bet size is just right to get those to give up.

      However, I'd handle the situation differently:

      PF: If bu sb bb are prone to fold vs steal, I'm raising. If not, I'm ditching this hand. It's borderline for me.

      Flop: I'm contibetting here 100%. I think that is better for your metagame (though I'm never thinking about metagame at this level), but it also folds out high card hands that beat you, and makes a turn barrel scarier if we get a scarecard.

      What if villain is a fish that folds to contibet only 10% of the time? Well, our hand has great value against that range, so it's a combo contibet/semibluff/valuebet.

      Otherwise, I like the way you run the bluff, where you imagine the hand you're representing and play it.
    • veriz
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      Hello BigAl123456,

      Flop: The board is just superb to CBet for us. We definitely even have a lot of fold equity. And even if we get called we still have very good equity against any range.

      As played
      Turn: Well, obviously it's doable. Although while he is making almost a pot size bet can we really expect he is bluffing here? I mean the only hand we could represent by Checking the flop is something like J9 and that's pretty much it. Since I doubt that we would even go for a raise with just Ax hand. Although definitely against some opponents, some spots this kind of line is very good. Like for example against some aggressive opponents and stuff.

      As played
      River: Well the problem is that there might be obviously hands which we gonna make to fold. But at the same time he may himself even have a strong hand. Ax hands are obviously in this range as well and he ain't gonna fold this. For some example:
      Lets imagine the opponent having ~15% range:

      We could obviously add into his range as well a lot worse hands. But since I don't have much information I wouldn't go too far with it.
      He will continue ~12% of his range since most of the range consist of Ax hands made hands and rather just very weak hands. Our Bet on river needs to work for ~38% times. Although he ain't gonna fold that much, his folding range from that kind of range is going to be ~19% which for us means rather Check behind.

      Best regards.