Wazzzup Everybody !!

    • TarboBoost
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      HEY Y"ALL !!

      I should have introduced myself ages ago when I got my first starting capital.
      I just wanted to thank the admins of this site, ( or whoever gave me the $50 :P ) for the second starting capital !!
      Like the poker pro I am, I lost the first starting capital farely quickly and left the site...
      Then one day I had the urge to play poker but still didn't want to deposit :D
      So I thought why the heck not, and asked for a second deposit ( after like 30 mins of trying to remeber my password :rolleyes: )
      I then received a quick reply from support and with a day, I had my $50 in PartyPoker !!! I was ecstatic !!

      So yea, I just wanted to tell people how much I looooove this site and to any new comers that this is by no means a scam, these people are legit.

      Oh and a quick question cause I want to start referring everyone I know:
      Do we receive $10 if the referral is in places like Asia or Europe ??
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    • purplefizz
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      hey TarboBoost,

      welcome back! :D i loove the enthusiasm.
      we are happy to have you playing with us again. hopefully, you've learnt the lesson of using proper brm by now for not going broke. ;)

      if not, here's the article!

      if you are playing at party poker, don't forget we have 2 daily freerolls there exclusive for PokerStrategy.com members. :) don't forget to check it out!

      to answer your question, of course you will still receive your TAF money no matter what country your friend comes from. :)

      what games are you going to be playing?

    • bringmecards
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      best of luck at the tables and welcome