Why are some tables sooo attractive ?

    • Tiffy2
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      I you look at the list of tables, most of them have 0 - 2 on the waiting list.

      But there are often a couple of tables that have a very long waiting list. 10 -12 is common and I have seen 25.

      What so good about these tables, instant riches ?
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    • NIVEKii
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      Hey Tiffy2,

      Most likely because of some really bad players at that table. The more reg-ish people all jump at the occasion of easy money, so that is why you'll sometimes see very long waiting lists.

      All the best,

    • Millsyuk
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      I don't know why people bother joining these lists. Even if there are a lot of bad players on the table, by the time ten regs have gone through the waiting lists there aren't going to be any fish left. Guess people just sort by players seeing flop/VPIP and join the first ten tables.
    • RedHeater
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      I have to confess that some of us limit players have a bit of a joke going. We join the list for any table with more than about 10 - 12 names on it already.

      Its kind of a bit of a running joke - a bit childish I guess ;)

      The biggest list I have seen was for a milestone hand promotion. They announce the table for the promotion then like 100 people join the waiting list - too late, of course!