First for me "SERIOUS" live torney...ended 1st place thanks :)

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      Hi from Saka000
      -By this "SERIOUS" i mean that i have been only played live with some group of friends.That were low buy-in tournaments (like 7$ buy-in and last 2 players make a deal ) where i started to play first time ever live,but i had never went to big casino to play REAL tournament.
      -So,as you guess,i decided to go at bigger,real tourney at our biggest casino in town.
      -J went there,that was couple days ago,and i expected that that will be some freeroll tournament,but it didnt.When i got there i realised that that night will be one big tournament with about 25$ rebuy tourney.And that i thought,why not,i will take a shot :) .
      -Tourney started with about 50 players (start with 100000 chips and 1000/2000 first blind)Tournay last about 5h and i ended,thanks to;) ,1st place taking home about 750$Also i got the nickname as CRUSHER,CLEANER and one mr witch was right of me at final said "This kid is a doctor of this game" :D .The opponents were bunch of fishes,i know that,but without knowledge of i am sure i would not make it.
      -I can not tell you how much i am thankful to
      -And one more time :) ,thank you PokerStrategy,and i will informing you guys at this threat for my other successes :D
      The hole that night was just like a dream :D D

      Best wishes from Saka000 ;)
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