Road to 100k green happiness. NL200 BSS zoom

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      It's that time again!

      Background - Played nl5 ->nl1k (shots) SH BSS.
      Some of you might know me as I've been hand judge for a week!! :D Actually I'm very active in the romanian forum and today I decided to make a blog here. More like a challenge. I wanna do supernova by the end of september.

      Currently have 70k VPPs. At a rate of 1.2k VPPs/day at NL100 12 tabling I should be able to do it.

      So - Here it goes

      Challenge 1: 31! September - Supernova status.
      Challenge 2: 31 December 2011 - 200k VPPs.
      Challenge 3: 31 December 2012 - !SNE! 1M VPPs.

      Challenge 3 will be attended if I am at NL200-600 and if I get the support from my freinds and familly.
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