[NL2-NL10] 77 Fr Nl10

    • covelluzzh
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      Me covell, with pocket 7

      Hand Information
      , 0.1 BB (3 handed).
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      Table Information
      Seat: 1 p75-sabrina59 ($2.8) Small Blind
      Seat: 5 piv-kraken72 ($3.6) Big Blind
      Seat: 7 cbm-covell ($18.77) Dealer
      Dealt to

      Preflop (Pot:0.15)
      cbm-covell    RAISE $0.3
      p75-sabrina59    CALL $0.25
      piv-kraken72    FOLD

      Flop(Pot: $0.7)
      :7h:  :9s:  :6c:  

      p75-sabrina59    CHECK
      cbm-covell    BET $0.44
      p75-sabrina59    CALL $0.44

      Turn(Pot: $1.58)
      :7h:  :9s:  :6c:  :8s:  

      p75-sabrina59    CHECK
      cbm-covell    CHECK

      River(Pot: $1.58)
      :7h:  :9s:  :6c:  :8s:  :2s:  

      p75-sabrina59    BET $1.49
      cbm-covell    CALL $1.49
      p75-sabrina59 SHOWS
      :5h:  :Qc:  
      cbm-covell SHOWS
      :7s:  :7d:  
      p75-sabrina59 wins  the side pot : $0
      p75-sabrina59 wins  the main pot : $1.58
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    • veriz
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      Hello covelluzzh,

      Flop: While the board is pretty drawy I'd consider even betting it bigger, ~$0,55.

      As played
      Turn: Well, the problem here is now that we ain't gonna get value from much worse. And we don't want to face a Check/Raise. Therefore most likely would also Check it behind and hope to hit on river for our FH and reevaluate further action.
      River: You can fold it. He is never going to bet with 2pair like this. Most likely has you beat with a straight.

      Best regards.