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[NL2-NL10] Nl2 Fr QQ

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    • sp00nman
      Joined: 14.01.2009 Posts: 92
      Tough hand to play.

      What is your read on CO? Is he a maniac who 3bets light? I would like to understand why you 4bet/call with QQ considering you will be OOP post flop. I think a better line would be 4bet/broke or call 3bet. However, If you call the 3bet, you will be in an awkward situation playing your QQ out of position and should play it cautiously. Most players in 2NL would min3bet big pairs AA/KK/QQ hoping to get some action and I have a strong feeling villain flopped top set here.

      You flopped a monster! But considering the preflop action, you might be up against top set. Your check raise on the flop will only get value from AK/AQ type of hand and might make KK to fold. I'd say check/call and evaluate the turn. Without any reads, this is a tough spot. I am more inclined to check/call the flop and evaluate the turn. There is also a high probability that I might make a crying call on river if he decides to triple barrel.

      Nothing much you can do postflop, but, I think the key here is preflop play.
    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504
      Hello katarina1991,

      Preflop: Well, if you 4bet then it means you plan to go broke as well. There is no way I am going to Call like this against him. Rather then just Call his 3bet.

      As played
      Postflop: Not much to add, we are going broke anyways. But the question is how. Might be safer to play it rather passively and Check/Call the flop and Check the turn and if he Checks behind ship the river.

      Best regards.