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[Application] xxxx

    • minibiff
      Joined: 12.09.2010 Posts: 3,757
      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Feedback minibiff


      Who are you:
      My name is [Edited by Lazza61], and I live im [Edited by Lazza61].
      Im [Edited by Lazza61] years old and live in [Edited by Lazza61] second largest city, [Edited by Lazza61].

      The reason I want a stake is that I wanna play NL10€/£ 6max and I cant right now cash in the amount I need (about 150€/£).
      Also I thinks its going to be really interesting to get motivated and coached from you!

      I started my pokerjourney at Full tilt poker where I got 50$ for free.
      Took a couple of days and than I was busto and couldn't figure out what went wrong, thats when i realized what BRM was.

      I played at Full tilt for about 6 months with a couple of breaks every now and then, probably played about 200.000 hands there.
      Then I took a break, and when I got back I clean out my graphs and said to myself lets make some money!

      Heres that graph, not the best.. but still! Running a bit over EV but not that big volume! This is from NL2,NL5 and NL10.

      Then FTP lost their license and I fortunately cashed out a couple of days before that.
      But I couldn't find a site to play at, I was looking and trying different places.

      Then my friend told me about Microgaming (Former Prima) and I choosed to try out Ladbrokes.
      I cashed in 25 buy ins for NL2 and said to myself, now we start over and crush the micro limits!

      After roughly 85.000 hands my bb/100 is 6.97!
      I had to cash out 100€ from my bankroll and that left me with about 140€!
      Now i'm on a downswing and those 140€ are 90€!

      Here's the stats

      I haven't got much volume in at NL10 but I crush NL4 right now and I know im capeble of crushing NL10 aswell!

      I would describe myself as a standard Tight Agressive player!!

      Responsibility and Integrity:
      People who can vouch for me is Ijizz here at the forums.
      Everyone at the swedish part of :p

      Well, you can only take my word that I wont scam, dont know how I can prove that I wont do it :)
      One thing that i can say is that i've never shoplifted in my life not even a candybar!

      I'll provide you with my phonenumber, adress and that stuffs ofcourse :)

      My goals with poker is to have it as an income while im studying in school.
      Im currently studying my last year in high school and after that I will take a break for 1-2 years and travel until going to university!

      My dream would be to be able to travel around the world paying everything with money I earn from playing poker during my break until I go to university!

      Provided screenshots before!
      PTR: Some how they havnt tracked me?!

      Skype ID:
      [edited by NIVEKii]

      List of screen names and sites played on:
      Full tilt poker - anglarnagbg
      Pokerstars - OMG a fish
      Ladbrokes - foldpre

      Limit/game type you’d like to be staked for:
      I would like to be staked at NL10€/£ 6max!
      Or Pokerstars Nl25$

      Expected/average volume per month:
      35.000-40.000h /Month

      HEM/PT3 screenshots:

      Ijizz @

      Probably everyone at Swedish Pokerstrategy

      Any negative history with thorough explanation:
      Uhm, I've once went busto (Other than the one I told about with that 50%)

      It was in January or February (When i've only played like 20.000 hands lifetime online)!
      I was in a big downswing (atleast thats what i though at that time)!

      So I went to a NL100HU table with all my money and just went all in all the time and went busto!

      But i've now worked on my mindset!
      I never look at graph and statistic during a session.

      And when I feel tilted I just sit out and end the session :)
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    • NIVEKii
      Joined: 01.01.2009 Posts: 1,138
      Hey minibiff,

      I'm afraid I'll have to close your staking request. If you look at our forum staking rules you'll see that you need at least 300 posts in the English community. Seeing as you were quite active in the Swedish one, I'd suggest you just dive in our friendly (<3) community and start interacting. You'll be there in no time. You can add me to the community tool to reopen this thread or you can simply open a new one.

      I hope you understand and hope to see you back soon, as I believe this was a good application.

      All the best,