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HUD for omaha 6 handed.

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    • Ribbo
      Joined: 25.06.2010 Posts: 6,157
      That's all I use (no really!)

      A lot of stats can have misinformation since Omaha is very much about reacting to each player differently, so when you see someone's stats post flop, it's might be one guy who is 80% cbet post flop against a weak player and 35% cbet against a calling station but the over all stat will say 50% cbet.

      I stick to PFR, 3 bet and VPIP and never really had a problem basing my reads off that.
    • Kyyberi
      Joined: 09.07.2010 Posts: 11,158
      VPIP/PFR/3bet/hands is the most valuable thing. That gives you tools to evaluate villain's playing style.

      I mean, if his stats are 85/3/0 he is most likely to be loose-passive calling station. While 55/30/20 indicates pretty loose and aggressive both pre- and postflop.

      I use also cbet% and fold to cbet% stats. In micros, 95% of players don't adjust at all. I also use agg.freq. for all streets (flop, turn and river). That gives some clues about his postflop style.

      And I use popup quite often to see more detailed things. Like if opponent has 3bet% of 25% with 100 hands, it might be that he has still 3bet only couple of times. That can be seen in popup.

      I think that the lower the limit, the more useful hud is. As in lower limits people just don't adjust at all. So they have more tendencies that hero can exploit.