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Access from the USA

    • bennisboy
      Joined: 11.04.2011 Posts: 711
      Hey guys, I recently moved to the USA for a year, so obviously all the sites I played on in the UK are blocked over here. However I'm in need of my dollars on these sites, and I can't log on to cash out

      (or play in theory if I wanted)

      I've heard about using VPN or proxy software, but google is struggling to help me on decent ones. Anyone know about the process involved and how to do it?

      Thanks guys
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    • Hamlet77
      Joined: 16.12.2008 Posts: 271
      Do you want to do that only for the cashout, or you are thinking on a solution to play too?
    • pavels4444
      Joined: 09.09.2010 Posts: 1,539
      I would be interested in the answer as well since I'm visiting US quite often.
      This summer I tried some VPN and tried to log into iPoker network (woulnt mind that much if they blocked me) and it didn't work. I guess I didn't set it up properly.

      Anyways, if somebody has a working plan how to play from the US, please share :)
    • Holdemfreakie
      Joined: 26.05.2011 Posts: 133
      i would recommend

      i use it all the time to get hidden my IP adress and get on priatebay :)

      + i'm ofc not downloading anything on piratebay because this illegal :f_love:
    • bennisboy
      Joined: 11.04.2011 Posts: 711
      Might play a bit, but working 10 hour days and making the most of nyc limit my playing time. It's good to have the option though! Plus as I'm not american and the sites won't be processing payments from a Usa bank account would it actually be illegal?
    • cpers
      Joined: 17.04.2011 Posts: 566
      Well you can use TOR. I don't know how, but I think it's possible.
    • bennisboy
      Joined: 11.04.2011 Posts: 711
      I tried using TOR, but I'm not sure how to configure it to work with the application!
    • cjchalmers
      Joined: 09.08.2010 Posts: 219
      using VPN is completely possible.... a correctly set up VPN will route ALL your internet traffic through it!

      I however am not going to point you to a suitable VPN nor am going to help you with the correct set up of a VPN...

      you are asking for help with an illegal activity...

      ... just cash all your money out before you head over... simple solution...

      ... but as this is so obvious and so simple, it is clear you only want to know so you can play online...

      ... just play live ... not going to be hard to find games...

      ... if you are so desperate to play ... find out how to use a VPN ... if you are smart enough to win at poker then you are smart enough to do this....!

      T minus (x) to locked thread.... !!!!
    • MarcPS
      Joined: 09.11.2010 Posts: 1,077

      Online poker is not possible in the USA right now, so we can't condone this kind of discussion, I'm afraid.

      Please see this page for more details.

      Since I don't think this thread can go anywhere useful, I'm closing it out now.