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Are cash games less swingy?

    • matel17
      Joined: 11.07.2010 Posts: 1,278
      Are they?

      I've been running very, very bad in sng's. I've tried shaking it off, playing more etc etc.. took a break from my normal 6max game and played a few double or nothings but I kept running into monsters.

      I'm running 60 BI below EV in the last 30 days and it feels like shit so I just might switch. I don't have a good enough sample, I know that, but at this losing rate I will never get to have a good sample.
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    • jdnismo
      Joined: 26.07.2010 Posts: 193
      Cash games have less variance than SnG's and MTT's.
    • mrkhaan
      Joined: 23.02.2011 Posts: 263
      Originally posted by jdnismo
      Cash games have less variance than SnG's and MTT's.
      One precision though. In SnG/MTT your luck is hugely influenced by the blind structure, there will always comes a time when you will have to take a risk.
      In cash game, your patience plays the same role imho. I mean that you can wait for the "good hand" and break the pattern. As you have no pressure from the blinds and ideally a deep stack at all times, if , for example, your AA and KK keep on being cracked by random hands, you can play them more carefully in order to limit the damage and add more suited connectors/1 gap/2 gaps in your game in order to try to flop a monster.
      In CG it is easier to vary your game and, as long as you don't tilt, varying your game can help you at least limit the losses. Just make sure that your mindset is good so you don't start taking inconsiderate risks that can make you lose even more money.

      my 2 cents.