Worse Connection Ever

    • RoyalBluff110
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      this site has most worse connection servers ever.. only on this f..king site i am folding 50% AA and KK preflop..

      I raise from the middle position with AA 4 big blinds, dealer reraises me and i fold AA ofcourse..
      I get 88 and a flop is 3 9 8 rainbow..i fold to a min bet

      F..K them im never playing again here, i was thinking about sending them e-mail how they fu..ed my bankroll in one day ( or should I say, my roll did not get bigger just stay the same minus my huge betting that gone in other pockets with me folding top set and so on and so on... )

      so, is ladbrokes hate me????!!!!!!! or is it that they just dont like me!?

      :evil: ?( :D :evil:
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    • cjchalmers
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      Originally posted by RoyalBluff110

      :evil: ?( :D :evil:
      they will just fob you off telling you it must be a problem at your end...
    • IngridN
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      Hi RoyalBluff110,

      I'm sorry to read that you've been experiencing connection issues while playing :(

      Keep us posted on what the poker room has to say!

      As cjchalmers mentioned it before, its likely that unless they noticed a downtime in their system they will be asking you to check your connectivity.