When FH are not available, or just 1...

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      I'm playing NL(2 atm) BSS on PartyPoker.it (hell if I hate being in italy.)

      At whatever times, in whatever day, there's always only 1 FR table (max 9 ppl), with people in it.
      All the other tables are SH (6 ppl max), and all people stay there.
      With the exception of 1 other 9 ppl table which is always, or almost, empty.

      So my question is,
      to have a stable long term income (planning on working with poker) should I play only at FR tables, or I can join at the same time the other 6 ppl ones?

      What I'm doing right now is playing max 3 tables, 1 FR and 2 SH at the same time.
      Except that they keep exploding my AA KK with the worst straights possible on the river, it's not going so bad, but I feel like those SH have of course less potential than the 9 ppl ones.

      What should I do?
      I find it a serious problem.

      P.S. I also explored a bit (didn't join!) the next limits, and it's even worse, much less people, and almost everyone on SH tables. I'm quite worried about the future!
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