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[NL2-NL10] SSS-AK in multiway all in pot-NL 0,01/0,02

    • dallievas
      Joined: 30.11.2007 Posts: 822
      Hi PS team and other poker guys,

      I`ve been playing cash about 2 weeks at Titan and very glad Poker strategy exists,you are doing very good work.Thanks.I`m playing according to SSS and trying do it meticulously apart from buy in –Titan allows minimal buy in 1$ at NL 0,01/0,02 level( 50BB).Here are a few my problematic hands,can you evaluate them, please.I haven`t Texas grabem,sorry but i did it manually.

      Hand 1
      Titan poker Texas Hold`em NL 0,01/0,02 cash game ,10 players

      SB(Hero) 1,89$;BB 0,96$( very loose,aggresive);UTG 0,75$;UTG+1(loose)0,85$;UTG+2 2,00$;
      MP1 4,95$;MP2 5,02$;MP3(loose,agg) 3,56$;CO(loose,calling st.) 0,85$;BU 2,56$

      Preflop : A(d), K(h) dealt to hero (SB)
      UTG raises 0,06$;UTG+1 calls 0,06$;UTG+2 folds;MP1 folds;MP2 folds;MP3 calls 0,06$;CO calls 0,06$;BU folds; SB(Hero) re-raises 0,25$ ;BB re-raises 0,44$ ; UTG calls 0,40$;UTG+1 folds;MP3 re-raises 0,71$; SB(Hero) all in 1,64$; BB all in 0,94$;UTG all in 0,52$;MP3 ?( i don`t know what`s happened-he disconected or what,but he was in showdown);

      Flop(pot 5,17$): 8 :club: , 8 :spade: , 6 :spade: ; Turn: 10 :diamond: ; River: 5 :diamond: ;
      Showdown: SB(hero): A :diamond: ,K :heart: ;
      BB: K :diamond: ,Q :diamond:
      UTG: A :heart: ,K :spade:
      MP3: 7 :spade: ,7 :club:
      Lucky, I`ve lost only 0,30$,not whole stack.Where is my mistake? What should I do in this situation,don`t push all in AK in multiway pot in blinds position or push anyway as SSS suggests,
      when my stack is pot size?

      Hand 2
      NL 0,01/0,02 cash,10 players.
      MP2 2,55$(new pl,no reads);MP3 0,92$(Hero);
      Preflop: A :club: ,Q :heart: dealt to hero MP3
      MP2 calls 0,02$;MP3 raises 0,08$; MP2 calls 0,06$;others folded.
      Flop: 3 :spade: ,3 :diamond: ,Q :spade: MP2 checks;MP3(hero) bets 0,15$;MP2 calls 0,15$;
      Turn: A :heart: ; MP2 checks; MP3 bets 0,45$;MP2 calls 0,45$;
      River: 7; MP2 checks, MP3(hero) checks
      Showdown: MP 2 shows 5 :diamond: ,4 :spade: ; MP3(hero) AQ wins with 2 pair;
      Pot 1,39$

      Is it played well? Me scared those 33, and 2 spades and checked on river ,not pushed all in,
      not pushed all in on turn either ,cos of those 33( mistake in my SSS?).

      Thaks. :)
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