Top Dogs are going down!!!

    • Cardbender
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      Look out Top Dogs I'm coming for yah!!!!! In a year or so that is :)

      How I'll do it

      1) Study, Study, Study

      2)use the SSS, MTT and STT strategies

      3) keep winning qualifiers to big tourneys

      4) stop getting consecutive trash hands and bad luck after the third break in 50K+ events!

      5) Pay off student loans

      6) re-build my bank roll

      7) Then I'll be the one with the big bite :tongue:

      You can bet on it!!!

      Yours truly: CardBender420
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    • ancha666
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      you'll be so miiiineee at the tables :D :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :D
    • SoyCD
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      Lofty goals are better than no goals at all!

      I hope to see you sticking to points 1 and 2 because these are instrumental for achieving the rest :) You wouldnt be the first player to have gone from $50 to dominating the high stakes through Pokerstrategy - so best of luck in your endevour!

      Best regards,