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      when i look at the graphs, they first appear to be quite normal, only presenting quite a downswing. 3rd place and 2nd place are listed correctly, but 1st places are counted as "lost". when comparing the histories of a game where i was placed 3rd, and one where i was placed 1st, there is no message saying that player Jo*** won, maybe that's causing the problem. see screen for detail:

      I edited all names, and added the red circles, but the question mark is not mine. games where i was placed 2nd or 3rd show the correct $$$.

      Uploaded with

      edit: I just saw that only hands which were played after the 18th are affected. that's at least my last working 1st place hand, the first corrupt hand is on the 20th.
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    • mrk1988
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      Hey fabwenz,

      it looks like you are missing some tournament summaries.
      But then again, this seems unlikely since the placement is shown correctly.

      Try updating to the latest version 0.105 and see if this makes any difference.

      I almost doubt it, but it's worth a try.

      Afterwards, send me the handhistory of those tournaments without the correct winnings to elephant[at]pokerstrategy[dot]com and we will have a look at them. Please include your thread title in your E-Mail.

      By the way, it looks like you are using the german version of Elephant. Why post about this in the english forums?
    • farbwenz
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      I only posted 2 histories because they are quite unsorted in the party poker folder:-/

      I prefer the english forum because i found this one first. And because all poker lingo is english, so i don't see why i should speak half-english- half-german;-)

      I tried to install poker elephant in english but I'm not even asked for selecting a language, and i did not find a way of changing it. If there is, please let me know, makes posting in the hand evaluation section easier....
    • mrk1988
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      You can change the language via the menu in the top left hand corner ( Elephant logo).

      I'm just curious because I'm Austrian myself and found it quite strange. :D
      I do however understand your point about poker lingo and hand evaluations.

      I'll have a look into your handhistory files.