[NL2-NL10] AQ nl10

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      Hi, I can't seem to get texas grab'em to work, so I'll post my hand manually. I'm learning the whole Stack size : raise size thing, so please help me

      Hero is CU A :spade: Q :club: (1, 95 $)

      no raise before me, I raise 0.40 $
      Dealer and Sb both fold
      Big Blind reraises me to 2.70

      so If i get this right, according to ''Stack size : Raise size'' I go all in with AQ when the ratio is betwen 4:1 - 2.5 : 1

      So I have 1,55 stack left , i raised 0.40 -> the ratio is 3.8 : 1 right ?

      It's right to go all-in in this case?

      (the villan had QQ so I lost :tongue: )

      Another question I was wondering, if you have a small stack in nl10, maximum 2 bucks, and you have smth like AA-JJ & AK, and there was one raise before you, so you reraise, and then behing you there are 2 reraisers you go all in always? according to the Stack size : Raise size because you're already commited to the pot? didn't know the AK is such a strong hand thou :)
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